Firearm services are at the top of our preparation list at Outdoor Pros. Having your rifle sighted in is critical for ensuring a successful and ethical hunt.  Ideally shooters should complete the sight in to familiarize themselves with the firearm and the experience of recoil.  If you don’t find yourself with the time to properly sight in your firearm, we can provide this service for you.  To schedule this service please drop off your firearm at the firearm counter in-store.

The service cost is $50 per firearm excluding the cost of ammunition.  Customers are responsible for providing ammunition for the service.  We suggest that you provide the same ammunition that you will use after the service. Turn around times vary from next day to 3-5 days depending on the season and weather.  Hunting seasons are the busiest so please bring your firearms in early to avoid delays.

To schedule a sight in or if you have further questions please contact us.

*When bringing firearms to the store for sight in or repair services, please ensure that all firearms are cased and locked to meet the Canadian Firearms Safety Guidelines*


Keeping your firearm clean and well maintained is important to ensure consistent operation and safety.  Semiautomatic firearms are especially prone to problems when they are dirty. With today’s hectic lifestyle time is often at a premium.  Let us take care of the cleaning for you. We will take exceptional care of your firearm and we’ll have it ready in just 24-48 hours.

Below is a list of our firearm cleaning services and pricing.

  • Shotguns – $40
  • Rifles – $40


Outdoor Pros provides in-store installation of most models of optics. We stock rings and bases to fit today’s common optics. The service fee for a basic installation is $30.  Installation is always free on optics and hardware purchased in store.

If you’ve just purchased a new optic we can gladly provide a sight in service to get you shooting on target after pick-up. Outdoor Pros can also provide minor repairs when necessary.  If we can’t do a repair in-store we will gladly assist in working with a warranty depot or we will help you find a gunsmith suitable for the repair job.