Black Bear Green Butt Tying Kit


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Black Bear Green Butt Tying Kit

The Black Bear Green Butt Tying Kit contains all of the materials required to tie 6 of these top producers.  Our local tyers have been making this fly to fill the Outdoor Pros fly bins since we first opened our doors.  Now with the Shor Fishing all in one kit, you have everything you need to tie a 1/2 dozen of this pattern to add to your fly box. Watch the Shor Fishing video below for step by step instruction while you’re at the vice.

This Kit Contains

  • Hook: Daiichi 2441 #6
  • Tag: Small Silver Uni-French Oval Tinsel
  • Butt: Fl. Green Uni-Floss
  • Tail: Black Hackle 6-8″
  • Ribs: Small Silver Uni-French Oval Tinsel
  • Body: Black Uni-Floss
  • Throat: Black Hackle 6-8″ or Schlappen 5-7″
  • Wings: Black Bear
  • Head: Black 8/0 Uni-Thread


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