Browning Leather Barrel Rest


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Browning Leather Barrel Rest

No need to rest your barrel on the ground with this Browning Leather Barrel Rest with magnetic insert. This is the solution that avid clay target shooters are using for resting and waiting along the shooting line. It protects your barrel(s) from inadvertently resting on the ground. With your gun unloaded, you can place it barrel down on the Leather Barrel Rest on the ground and take the weight off your arms for a few minutes.

Magnetic Insert. You can use the magnetic insert to hold the rest on the barrel, which is helpful if you are moving from station to station, and it holds on even with the action broken. Don’t forget to remove the pad when it comes time to load and shoot. Just step on the extended portion and lift your barrels away, leaving the rest on the ground.


  • Protects shotgun muzzle and choke tubes from damage on the clay target range
  • Rugged, stitched Santa Fe leather
  • Magnetic insert
  • The magnetic insert works best with steel choke tubes and will not hold onto some non-ferromagnetic extended tubes, like titanium and some stainless choke tubes.


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