Browning Shotgun Pig Barrel Cleaning Jag


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Browning Shotgun Pig Barrel Cleaning Jag

Browning Shotgun Pig Barrel Cleaning Jag is ready to slop up all the plastic and carbon fouling it can. The Shotgun Pig is the cleaning jag you’ve been missing all of your life. The color-coded (by gauge) polymer body of the jag gently compresses cleaning patches against the bore of your shotgun barrel with a squeegee-like effect. This ensures that solvent-saturated patches reach every part of the bore. Likewise, clean patches will mop up every bit of solvent and fouling, leaving your barrel literally squeaky clean. Best of all, the magnetic tip on the end of the jag will hold the patch in place, eliminating clumsy errors that result in messes or even scratches to your gun’s finish. The Shotgun Pig is a beast!


  • Polymer cleaning jags provide 100% contact with interior of barrel
  • Color coded by gauge and threaded for standard shotgun cleaning rods
  • Withstands barrel cleaning solvents and lubricants and will not harm barrel
  • Fabric cleaning patch can be attached via magnet on the end of the jag

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28 Gauge, 16 Gauge, 20 Gauge, 12 Gauge, 10 Gauge


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