Cocall Bull 12 Minute Call Session


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Cocall Bull 12 Minute Call Session

The Cocall Bull 12 Minute Call Session can make the difference of hearing a bull grunting in the brush to having him burst out into the open.  This call flicks the switch from a bull that’s cautious to one that is aggressive and ready to defend its domination.  This sound card ir recorded in studio at incredible sound quality.  is a new generation electronic game call with superior sound quality, helping you attract Bull Moose with it’s call.

This sound card is simple to use.  Just insert it into your Cocal 2 or 2x game call and press play.

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12 Minute Call Session Features

  • This Sound Card includes Bull Moose snorts and antler rattling
  • Recorded in Professional Studio
  • Duration : 12 minutes