Cocall Cow Moose Card


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Cocall Cow Moose Card

There’s no better moose call to get a bull to cover a long distance than the cow in heat.  The bull you’re searching for might take some time, but sooner or later he’ll appear on the valley or ridge your watching.  The Cocall Cow Moose Card includes the estrous cow, non receptive cow and cow in heat calls 1 and 2.

If you were to add any extra calls to your setup, this should be the one.  And if you already own the 2 or 2x Cocall Electronic Caller, it’s as simple as swapping your current sound card with this one.

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Cow Moose Card Sounds

  • Cow in heat #1
  • Cow in heat #2
  • Estrous Cow
  • Cow Not Receptive