Cocall Whitetail Deer #2 Card


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Cocall Whitetail Deer #2 Card

The Cocall Whitetail Deer #2 Card includes 6 of the most popular calls you need to bring that buck in on a rope.  Simply insert the #2 sound card in your Cocall 2x game call and crank the volume.  Then get ready! All Cocall cards feature studio quality sounds.  This is a must have addition to your calling setup.  

If you already own a Cocall unit, this card is perfect for your next deer hunting trip.

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Whitetail Deer #2 Card Sounds:

  1. Fawn Bleat
  2. Doe Bleat
  3. Breeding Bellow
  4. Buck Bawl
  5. Standard Grunt
  6. Rut Rattling