Diamond Double-Sided Bench Stone Coarse/Fine


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Diamond Double-Sided Bench Stone Coarse/Fine

Lansky’s Diamond Double-Sided Bench Stones are designed for expert knife sharpening and woodworking tool care. All Lansky Diamond Bench Stones feature a full edge-to-edge diamond grit surface for quicker, more efficient sharpening. They are available in two sizes and five grits. Lansky’s Diamond Bench Stones feature a high-impact plastic self-storing case that raises the stone as shown to the left for maximum safety and comfort. The base comes with non-slip rubber frame.


  • Coarse Grit (120) Red Side
  • Fine Grit (600) Blue Side
  • Non-slip Base
  • 100% Uninterrupted Diamond Coating
  • Screw Holes for easy bench mounting

The full edge-to-edge uninterrupted diamond surfaces on the benchstones make for quicker, more efficient sharpening, at a high value.

The Coarse Red Side (120 grit) will aggressively repair and recondition damaged or dull blades, even works to put an edge where there wasn’t before.  While the Fine Red Side (600 grit) will produce and maintain a micro-serrated working edge, polishing away the heavy scratches from lower grit stones.  The 600 grit stone produces a working edge that is adequate for nearly any task, especially cutting cardboard.

A great addition to any craftsman’s workshop, the diamond abrasives on the bench stones are excellent for repairing and maintaining a large range of tools from dull and damaged kitchen knives, to well maintained woodworking chisels.


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