Excalibur Micro 380 Crossbow Package


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Excalibur Micro 380 Crossbow Package

The Excalibur Micro 380 Crossbow Package is the true definition of performance and maneuverability with recurve simple durability. The latest addition to the Micro series features High Output Limbs to create an ultracompact, virtually bulletproof hunting machine generating up to 380 feet per second. The Micro 380 is the first in the series to feature Ceasefire technology, the ultimate in safety to ensure the crossbow cannot be fired unless an arrow is loaded. Perfect for the run and gun, spot and stalk hunter when lightweight and comfort is a must, or the treestand and ground blind hunter where space is limited.

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  • Weight: 6.6 / 8.2 Lbs
  • Draw Effort: 17 Lbs
  • Draw Type: Rope Aid
  • Compact, lightweight, and maneuverable.
  • Dead-simple recurve reliability.
  • Unmatched trigger quality with a smooth crisp travel.
  • Flat shooting speed of 380 feet per second and generate bone crushing 112 foot-pounds of kinetic energy.
  • CeaseFire ensures your crossbow will not fire unless an arrow is loaded, safety is off, and the trigger is pulled.
  • R.E.D.S. Suppressors substantially reduce shock, vibration, and noise.
Item # Velocity Draw Effort Draw Type Mass Weight Overall Length Kinetic Energy
E10723 380 Fps 17 Lbs Rope Aid 8.2 Lbs 33″ 112 ft lbs

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