Gehrke’s PZ Line Cleaner


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Gehrke’s PZ Line Cleaner

We’ve all been there.  We’ve spend countless hours packing gear, tackle and flies, only to get to the river and on the first cast you just know that your line is not casting the way it should.  You didn’t clean it before hitting the road.  Or maybe you’ve never cleaned it.  Luckily  you have a bottle of Gehrke’s PZ Line Cleaner in your pack.

Gehrke’s cleans and protects your fly line so that you’ll get the top performance and the longest life possible.  When your line is performing properly you’ll get more distance and much better accuracy when you cast.  Covering more distance and putting the fly where the fish are means more fish.  Casting will also require less effort.  This line cleaner will not repair the cracks in a fly line but it will make it reusable for a limited time or until a new fly line is obtained.

Line Cleaner Features

  • Less Effort
  • More Distance
  • More Accuracy
  • Easy to Use