Guideline TSL 2.0 Shooting Line


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Guideline TSL 2.0 Shooting Line

The new Guideline TSL 2.0 Shooting Line features harder and slicker Polyethylene coating and is built on a Direct Contact core that reduces stretch. and with significantly better tracking performance, These new TSL lines still feature the tapered front ends that offer extra durability and also help to make the overhang between rod tip and head more rigid, resulting in even better line control.


  • 028″/0,70 mm, tapers up to .031″/0,80mm
  • Sky Blue color
  • Breaking Strength: 25lbs/11,3 kg
  • Total length of .028” is 30 meters.
  • Mounted with a strong 10 cm/4” loop in the front and a 12 mm/0,5” loop in the back.

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