Metz Magnum #2 Saddles


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Metz Magnum #2 Saddles

Metz Magnum #2 Saddles are a favorite among fly tyers who want to tie larger fresh and saltwater patterns. These saddles have long, wide hackle feathers that have a variety of uses for salmon, steamers, saltwater flies and other larger flies.

Typically used for pike, muskie, bass bugs and saltwater streamer flies, this hackle has recently grown as a favorite to Atlantic Salmon anglers.  With plenty of longer and wider hackle, this saddle has become a favorite for larger sized deer body bombers.  The “dirty bomber” uses much longer and webbier hackle than normal and has become a must have for most fly shops and anglers.


  • Longer, Wider Hackle
  • Wide Variety of Vibrant Colors
  • Metz Quality

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Black, Cream, Grizzly, Yellow

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