Muzzy One Broadheads


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Muzzy One Broadheads

With a one-piece broadhead design, Muzzy One Broadheads stands head and shoulders above the competition. The ONE is machined from a single piece of premium stainless steel, giving Muzzy the ability to precisely control all tolerances and deliver a truly Bad to the Bone broadhead. The hybrid chisel/cut-on-contact tip blasts through bone for incredible penetrating power, while precision positioned vents on the blades ensure the ONE flies with the accuracy Muzzy is known for. This solid head features three deadly .046” thick blades that leaves nothing to chance. Honed to perfection, the dependable Muzzy ONE can be easily resharpened on a flat stone, ensuring this broadhead is not only easy to care for and effortless to tune, but that it offers the performance and peace of mind bowhunters demand in the field. Designed by hunters, for hunters, the Muzzy ONE is sure to wreak havoc on even the toughest big game animals.


  • 3 Per Pack
  • 3-Blade Broadhead
  • Available in 85, 100, or 125 grain
  • Cut-on-Contact Tip
  • 1-Piece Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .046″ Thickness Blades
  • (100gr) 1 1/8″ Cutting Diameter
  • (125gr) 1 1/4″ Cutting Diameter
  • Can be sharpened on a flat stone

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100 gr, 125 gr

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