Natural Sheep Casings


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Natural Sheep Casings

Our high-quality Natural Sheep Casings make tender, juicy sausages and snacks that have the perfect “snap” when you bite into them. Natural sheep casings are perfect for making breakfast sausages, snack sticks, hot dogs and other smaller diameter sausages.

Each package contains one hank or 100 yards of casings. Casings are pre-flushed and ready to stuff after a 20-minute soak in warm water, no need to flush salt out of the casings.


  • Each package contains 100-yard hank
  • Great for snack sticks, breakfast sausage, and wieners
  • Pre-flushed
  • Natural Hog Casings also available
Size Stuffing Weight (per unit) Recommended Usage
22-24 mm 55 – 60 lbs. Breakfast Sausage/Small Snack Sticks


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22-24mm (100yd)

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