Smokehouse Alder Wood Chips


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Smokehouse Alder Wood Chips

Alder wood produces a neutral, balanced smoke that has long been a sportsman’s favorite for smoking salmon, trout, seafood, and really any type of other meats. Because of the neutral characteristics of alder, it works wonderfully when blended with other wood species, especially fruitwood. When using alder with meats such as steak, ribs, and briskets, try mixing alder with our fruit wood species like apple and cherry for a delectable taste you’re sure to love.

All of our wood chips are thoroughly dried and has all bitter tree bark removed to ensure you’re getting maximum smoke of 100% all-natural wood. The wood chips are precision ground for an even, consistent burn. All bags are 1.75 LB bags (794 g), 242, 3.96 L in size.


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