Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula


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Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula

Build bright flexible bodies and parts with this easy to use Solarez Fly Tie Flex Formula. This low odor resin cures in seconds and is guaranteed tack-free when cured with a Solarez UV Light System

Product Specs

  • Flexible finish for swimmers, flex parts – could be used as a wader repair
  • Great for coating knots for strength
  • Viscous formula, easier to work with

Usage tip:

Apply in shade. Irradiate with intense UV light for FIVE SECONDS. Wait 15 seconds. Irradiate again for FIVE SECONDS. Wait. Do this a few cycles. Complete with 2 minutes continuous UV light. This technique will reduce heat & shrinkage. The FLEX formula requires more light than the THIN, MEDIUM or THICK. This technique will reduce heat & shrinkage.

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