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Uni-Floss rayon dressing is likely one of the most widely used floss to tie wet flies worldwide.  It is certainly the most well known floss for Atlantic salmon patterns here on the east coast of Canada.

Known for its strength and shiny finish, this floss can take the punishment of many salmon hookups without damaging the body. It just won’t break or fray, even after repeated use so your flys will last longer and fish harder.

With tons of colors to choose from you can use it for classic patterns that have been around for generations, or spice it up and create the new hot pattern.  With fly tying you’re only limited to your own imagination.

See some Uni-Floss in action, check out this video by one of our tying partners Shor Fishing.  In the video, they are using a Black Bear Green Butt fly assembly kit.  This kit includes Black Uni-Floss and all the materials you need to tie 6 of this great pattern.


  • 600 Denier Rayon
  • Single Strand
  • 15 yd Spools
  • Wide Color Selection




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Beige, Black, Bright Yellow, Brown, Burnt Orange, Charcoal, Cream, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Dark Rust, Emerald Green, Golden Brown, Green Highlander, Grey, Light Blue, Light Green, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rust, Rust Orange, Silver Doctor Blue, Tan, White, Wine