Wapsi CDC Feathers


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Wapsi CDC Feathers

CDC, or Cul de Canard, is a feather that is found on the back of a duck. Wapsi CDC Feathers are likely the most well know brand used in fly tying today. These feathers are soft and buoyant, making it ideal for creating dry flies that float on the surface of the water. Like all Wapsi products the CDC are premium grade.

Wapsi CDC can be used in a variety of ways, depending on the type of fly you are tying. When creating a dry fly, the feather can be used to create the wings and tail. When used as a hackle for wet flies, the feather can be wrapped around the hook to create a collar.


  • Wapsi Quality
  • Wide Range of colors to match the hatch
  • Best suited for tying natural drys and nymphs

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Black, Brown, Dark Dun, Dark Olive, Ginger, Light Dun, Light Olive, Light Yellow, Natural Dun, Natural White, Olive, Red, Rusty Dun, Sulphur Orange, Tan, Woodduck

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