Archery Services


Archery Services is our specialty.  Outdoor Pros is Newfoundland & Labradors largest Archery Pro Shop. We aim at providing the best customer service experience possible.  With compound and traditional bows from brands like Bowtech, Hoyt, Mathews, Bear, Ragim and more, we are proud to boast the largest selection of bows and archery accessories in the Newfoundland & Labrador.

Trust your next purchase with us and allow us to set you up properly, the first time.  When you visit us in store you can shoot your new bow before you purchase.  Our Pro Team members are trained to adjust draw weight, draw length, sights, rests, peeps and d-loops before you take your bow home.  Initial setup is FREE for all new bow purchases with unlimited adjustments for the first year. Every purchase includes one-on-one time with a Pro Team Member who will ensure that you are shooting safely.  Check out more of our Pro Shop Services below:


Initial setup is free for all new bow purchases with unlimited adjustments for the first year.  If you have a bow that was purchased elsewhere, perhaps as a gift, we are happy to help you with the initial setup.  Our Bow Setup Service includes first-time safe shooting training, adjustment to draw weight, draw length, sights, rests, peeps and d-loops.  One of our Archery Pros will take you step by step through the shooting process to make sure that your bow fits and that you are using it safely.  This service is a must for first time archers.

  • Bow Setup ( In-Store Purchase)  FREE
  • Bow Setup ( Outside Purchase)  $30.00


Outdoor Pros is a proud dealer for Excalibur, Wicked Ridge and Tenpoint crossbows.  Our Pro Staff are eager to help you make the choice that’s right for you.  All of our crossbows come as complete, ready to hunt packages.

SIGHT IN SERVICE –  For a fee of $50 we will assemble your crossbow and sight in your new scope so it’ll be ready to go when you need it.  We strongly recommend that you practice with your crossbow if you are pursuing large game.  We can help with targets and techniques to ensure the most ethical hunt possible.  This service is weather dependent so bringing in your bow early will help us get it back to you in plenty of time for your adventure.


When you purchase a new bow, the first things you’ll need are arrows.  One of our Archery Pros can measure your proper arrow length, cut them and install inserts in just a few minutes.

Why not personalize your fletchings to suit your style. Custom fletchings help distinguish your arrows when shooting targets in a group.  All arrows lose a fletch or two over time.  Bring your arrows in and we’ll clean them up an re-fletch them for you.

  • Cut Arrows ( In-Store Purchase)  FREE
  • Cut Arrows  ( Outside Purchase)  $1.50 per Arrow
  • Re-Fletch Vanes per Arrow $2.00 + Fletchings
  • Re-Fletch Feathers per Arrow $2.50 + Fletchings


Don’t send your bow out for repairs, utilize our in-store bow press for routine maintenance like string replacement, cam adjustments and adding a new peep.  Why send your bow away when many common services can be provided in-store.  Our aim is to get you back shooting in the shortest time possible.

  • Draw Weight Adjustment $3.00
  • D-Loop Install (Including Material) $8.00
  • String Replacement (Plus String Cost) $25
  • Cable Replacement (Plus Cable Cost) $15
  • Peep Install $8.00
  • Sight Install $8.00
  • Fixed Rest Install $10.00
  • Drop Away Rest Install $20.00
  • Center String Serving Replacement $15.00


We have a strong selection of bows and accessories from archery’s best brands.  If we don’t have the item that you are looking for, we are happy to help you find it.

Let us know how we can help.  Send us a message Pro Help.