To qualify for free shipping, simply spend $100 before tax. will ship your order free via Canada Post Expedited or Standard Ground Shipping to most Canadian addresses. Beyond charges may apply to some remote postal routes.  Please see Beyond Charge details below.

Our Free Shipping has some exceptions. Ammunition, dangerous goods, oversize and overweight items and clearance items are excluded from the free shipping offer.

  • Offer is limited to stock on hand, is non transferable and is not redeemable for cash.
  • Offer not valid on return shipments.
  • Offer valid on orders with a subtotal of $100 or more.
  • Offer valid only on orders placed at


If your order is less than $100 before tax a Shipping & Handling fee of $13.99 will be applied to your cart.

Most of the items that we offer for sale online qualify for free shipping. Oversized and Bulky Items do not qualify for free shipping but can be sent to you for a small fee.  Items that incur a fee are highlighted on the shopping pages and are noted on the checkout page.

Oversized Items – $19.99  Firearms and Firearm Cases are examples of Oversized Items.

Bulky items – $29.99  Bulky and Overweight Items such as Smokers incur this fee.

Local Pickup is always welcome.  Take time to visit us in person and  don’t be too shy to ask what services we can provide to help make your day better.


Once your purchase has been shipped we will send you an email confirmation with a tracking number. Canada Post is our preferred method of parcel delivery.  Track your packages through Canada Post here.


As one of North America’s most easterly points, Newfoundland & Labrador is Canada’s earliest time zone.  This means we can focus on your order early and process them for shipping, fast. Our goal is to process and ship your order in 1-2 business days.  We ship Monday to Friday with the exception of holidays. Shipping times may vary depending on your location.

Please note: The use of a physical address rather than a post office box will help reduce shipping time.

FIREARMS ships all Non-Restricted Firearms via Canada Post Expedited service with the PAL cardholders signature required. We currently do not offer Restricted Firearms for sale in-store or online. All Firearm purchases require a valid PAL# (Possession and Acquisition License) as well as the owners date of birth.  All PAL Licenses are verified with the Canadian Firearms Center (CFC) before orders are processed.  Firearms can only be shipped to the address listed on the purchasers PAL. Delays due to invalid or expired licenses are not the responsibility of Outdoor Pros.

Please note: All Firearms come with a full manufacturer’s warranty but are final sale.  If there is a problem with the Firearm, it must be sent to the nearest warranty depot depending on the brand.


Postal and Courier delivery services in Canada vary greatly from urban areas to remote locations.  Shipping times and costs both vary from the accessibility of Canada’s towns and cities. While we strive to provide free shipping to all our customers, it is not possible to cover remote destinations indicated as beyond by Canada Post. However, our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible.  If your postal code is listed below we will send you an email with a shipping quote within 24 hours of receipt of your order.

Beyond Destinations include all postal routes in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, & Nunavut as well as the following:


T0A (0A4-0A5, 0B5-0B6, 0C4, 1S0, 1S1, 1X0, 2A0, 2B0, 2E0, 2J0, 3G0, 3K0)
T0B 0M0
T0C (0R0, 0S0, 0W0, 1W0)
T0E (0B2, 0K0, 0L0, 1H0)
T0G (0A5, 0K0, 2N0, 2W0)
T0H (0B9, 0E6, 0G6, 0N0, 0S0, 1J0, 1R0, 2N0-2N2, 3X0, 4A0)
T0J (0A5, 0B3, 0E7, 0K0, 0X0, 1C0, 1H0, 1L0, 1M0, 2G0, 2M0, 2Z0, 3C0, 3J0)
T0K (0A0, 0A5, 0B4, 0B5, 0C3, 0C5, 0C9, 0S0, 1E0, 1L0, 1N0, 1R0, 2J0, 2M0, 2R0)
T0L 1Y0
T0M (0C6, 1L0, 2H0)


V0B 1R0
V0C (0A7-0B1, 0B8, 1E0, 1G0, 1K0, 1L0, 1S0, 1Y0, 1Z0, 2A0, 2B0, 2H0, 2R0, 2S0, 2T0, 2V0, 2X0, 2Z0)
V0E 1S0
V0G (0B1, 0B5, 1B0, 1N0)
V0J (0A2, 0B4, 0B6-0B8, 0C4-0C5, 1A0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1R0, 1T0, 1X0, 2B0, 2H0, 2K0, 2P0, 2T0, 2W0, 2Z0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3J0, 3M0, 3T0)
V0K (0B3, 1N0, 1P0)
V0l (0A2, 0A3, 0A7-0B1, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1M0, 1R0, 1S0, 1T0, 1V0, 1W0, 1X0)
V0N (0A6, 0B2, 0E4, 1M0, 1Z0, 2B0, 2V0, 3L0)
V0V (0A2, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1E0, 1H0)
V0P (0A1, 0A2, 0A4, 1B0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1P0, 1S0, 1V0, 1W0, 1Z0)
V0R (0B3, 0B4, 1A0, 1B0, 2B0, 2J0)
V0S 1K0


R0A 0S0
R0B (0A0-0A4, 0A7-0A9, 0B0-0B2, 0B4-0B9, 0C1-0C9, 0E0-0E4, 0G0, 0L0, 0M0, 0N0, 0S0, 0T0, 0V0, 0W0, 0Y0, 0Z0, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1E0, 1G0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1M0, 1N0, 1P0, 1R0, 1S0, 1W0, 1Z0, 2B0, 2C0, 2E0, 2G0, 2H0)
R0C (0B9, 0E2, 0G4, 0J0, 0V0, 1V0, 2A0, 2P0, 3K0)
R0E (0B1, 0B6, 0C3, 0J0, 1E0, 1K0, 1N0, 2E0)
R0J (0L0, 0Z0, 1K0, 1Y0)
R0L (0A3, 0A6, 0B5, 0C5, 0E2, 0K0, 0M0, 0R0, 1L0, 1Y0, 2C0, 2K0)


A0A 3B0
A0G (0B3, 0B8, 0C9, 0E8, 0H5, 0J5, 0J8, 1R0, 1W0, 2B0, 2W0, 2X0, 3V0, 3Z0, 4A0, 4B0, 4H0)
A0H (0A7, 0B8, 0C3, 1L0, 1N0, 1S0, 2C0)
A0J (0B1-0B2,1K0, 1L0, 1N0)
A0K (0A1-0A2, 0A5, 0A7, 0A8, 0B1, 0B3, 0B5, 0B7, 0C1, 0C2, 0C6, 0C8, 0C9, 0E5, 0E9-0G3, 0G8-0H1, 0H3-0H5, 0H7-0H9, 0J1-0J3, 0J6, 0J9, 0K1, 0K3, 1A0, 1C0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1M0, 1N0, 1P0, 1T0, 1V0, 1W0, 1Y0, 1Z0, 2B0, 2G0, 2H0, 2J0, 2N0, 2P0, 2V0, 2W0, 2X0, 3K0, 3L0, 3N0, 3P0, 3Y0, 4A0, 4E0, 4J0, 4K0, 4L0, 4P0, 4S0, 4T0, 4V0, 4W0, 5C0, 5P0, 5S0, 5V0, 5Y0)
A0M 1K0
A0N (0A6, 0B5, 2K0, 2L0)


B0C 1E0
B0K 1J0


N0R 1M0
P0H 1C0
P0L (0A2, 0A7, 0B2, 0B4-0B5, 1A0, 1H0, 1S0, 1W0, 1Y0, 2H0, 2P0)
P0M (0B3, 1C0, 2S0, 2X0, 2Z0)
P0T (0A1, 0B1, 0B2, 0C7, 1L0, 1P0, 1Z0, 2L0, 3A0, 3B0)
P0V (0A1, 0A3, 0A7, 0B1, 0B4, 0B5, 0B8-0C5, 0C7, 1B0, 1E0, 1G0, 1J0, 1M0, 1N0, 1V0, 1W0,1Y0, 1Z0, 2A0, 2G0, 2L0, 2P0, 2Y0, 2Z0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3G0)
P0X (A05, 1B0, 1E0, 1P0)


A0P (0A1, 0A2, 0A4, 0A6-0A9, 0B1, 1A0, 1G0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1M0, 1N0, 1P0)
G0G (0A2-0A4, 0A6-0A7, 0A9, 0B3-0B5, 0B7-0B9, 0C5-0C8, 1C0, 1E0, 1G0, 1J0, 1M0, 1N0, 1S0, 1T0, 1W0, 1Z0, 2C0, 2G0, 2P0, 2R0, 2T0, 2W0, 2Y0, 2Z0)
G0W (0A4, 0C2, 0C7, 1C0, 3B0, 3C0)
J0W 2C0
J0Y (0A1, 0A2, 0A5, 2X0, 3B0, 3H0)
G0X (0E5, 0E9, 3M0, 3P0, 3R0)
X0A (0A0, 0A2, 0A4-0G0, 0J0-0V0)


S0C 0V0
S0H (0G3, 1W0, 2V0, 3M0)
S0E (0A4, 0G0, 0S0)
S0J (0B9, 0C2, 0C3, 0C6, 0C9, 0E1, 0G6, 0G8, 0H0-0H1, 0W0, 1S0, 1Y0, 2B0, 2L0, 2P0, 2R0, 2S0, 2T0, 2W0, 3C0, 3E0)
S0K (0A9, 0H0, 0J8, 1L0, 1Y0, 2C0, 3N0, 3S0, 4B0, 4E0, 4H0)
S0L (0B7, 0E5, 0J0, 1Y0)
S0M (0A1, 0A6, 0B5-0B6, 0B8, 0C5, 0C6, 0G0, 0G3, 0H0, 0K0, 0M0, 0S0, 1G0, 2H0, 2M0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3G0)


For more information about Shipping Fees, please contact us at or reach us by phone (709) 747-3734

Please note that Outdoor Pros reserves the right to cancel any order for any reason.  Outdoor Pros is not limited to the above list for beyond charges, please see Canada Post Remote Area Table for recent information.