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1 Step CLP

Pro-Shot’s Famous 1 Step CLP Cleans, Lubricates and Protects your gun parts like no other.  This needle oiler is included with all of our classic box kits for a reason, it’s a superior CLP that makes cleaning faster & easier! Excellent for Copper, Lead, Plastic, & Primer fouling. Repeated use protects the bore and lessens fouling & residue buildup. Makes gun bores & actions easier to clean.


  • CLEANS – Eliminates stiff actions, jamming, and loosens rusted parts.
  • LUBRICATES & PROTECTS – Rust inhibitors and special additives penetrate the metal and provide a corrosion barrier for superior rust protection.
  • SYNTHETIC – Superior Proprietary formula is based on a unique blend of  non-hazardous & bio friendly ingredients.


How to use 1 Step CLP:

1) Saturate the bore or chamber area

2) Let Penetrating Agents work and sit for 10-15 minutes.You can even let it set overnight in a gun vise if wanted.

3) Run Brush through bore/chamber area and bust fouling loose.

4) Finish with a jag and dry patches. Clean all saturation and fouling out.

No need to finish with an oil as 1 Step has rust inhibiting and corrosion protection additives!


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