Fishpond Salty Dog Leash


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Fishpond Salty Dog Leash

Don’t embarrass Rover with that old leash any longer.  It’s time for an upgrade to a Fishpond Salty Dog Leash.  The Cutthroat Orange and Brown Trout patterns will definitely give your trout bum status away at the dog park but Rover won’t care. Pair this leash with Fishponds similarly named collar and your pup will be strutting down the trail.  But let’s get real. The reason you’ll be happy you got this for your dog is because it’s from Fishpond, and you just know it’ll last.


  • TPU coated colorfast nylon webbing won’t stain
  • Adjustable quick-release buckle, fits most sizes
  • Length: 54 in.

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Brown Trout, Cutthroat Orange