Regal Inex Vise


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Regal Inex Vise

If you’re new to fly tying or looking for a gift for a friend, the Regal Inex Vise is always a great choice. Constructed with the same care as our other vises, the Inex Vise is designed to provide all the basics for learning how to tie a solid fly and grow your skills. A part of the Regal family for many years, the Inex was recently redesigned to feature a Regular Vise Head from the Medallion Series.  This allows you to rotate the head 360º to see the fly from all angles. This change also allows you to interchange vise heads from the Medallion series as you grow as a tier and begin to find your preferred flies and techniques.


  • Medallion Series Head
  • 360º Rotation
  • Clamp Base
  • Perfect for Travel
  • Model FHC-0

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